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Cash for Cars

When it is finally time to part ways with the old, damaged, or broken-down vehicle taking up room on your property, consult the professionals at Dollar Collision And Salvage LLC.

Our staff will buy your unwanted vehicle, offering you the most competitive and reasonable rates possible. We tow your vehicle off your property and to our junkyard, and we also accept vehicles of any age and in any condition.

Free yourself of your junk car and be compensated in cash on the spot.

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Swift, Dependable Cash for Cars of Any Condition or Age

When you have gotten a lifetime of use out of your beloved car, there is a good chance there isn’t much life left in it. When maintenance or repairs are no longer feasible options and are no longer worth the expense, your car isn’t likely to have much value as a used car. As a result, most of your car’s value will be in salvaging its parts and components.

Dollar Collision And Salvage LLC’s specialty is recycling and disassembling junk cars. We are able to recycle a significant majority of car parts and believe in the importance of environmental sustainability. We can completely dismantle scrap cars and offer highly reasonable rates.

Our excellent, courteous approach to customer service includes swift availability, towing to our junk yard, and prompt, on-the-spot cash payments. We are also pleased to offer estimates for our services!

Sustainable Car Recycling and Dismantling

Our facility is equipped to serve a full range of vehicles. We accept all models of domestic and foreign cars, in any age or condition. In addition to cars, we also purchase small trucks as well as motorcycles We accept running, damaged, or even broken-down for dismantling.

We require our vehicles to have titles and accept titles from all states. We arrive at your property with our towing equipment, swiftly removing your junk car. Your car will then be taken to our scrapyard for dismantling and part salvaging.

In no time, you’ll have the freedom of more space on your property, and the extra incentive of cash in your wallet.

Experienced Professionals and Fully Equipped Junkyard

We have been providing our cash for car services for a number of years. We proudly serve clients in a number of local cities.

Our team is fully licensed and bonded for our services and have gained a reputation for our great compensation rates and swift towing.

If you have a junk vehicle on your property, you can count on us to take care of it.

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When you are finally ready to say goodbye to your junk car, call the experts at Dollar Collision And Salvage LLC.

We guarantee to offer you the most reasonable rate for your used car, remove it swiftly, and dismantle it sustainably.

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